Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Collaged Butterflies ATC

Here's a few ATC's that I recently made. Some of them are for the "Collaged Butterflies" swap on - I do love making collages, probably because I can't really draw or paint but I think I'm pretty creative as far as putting things together. I used one of my own photographs for the green and yellow butterfly ATC in the picture. Took a bunch of butterfly pictures last spring at a butterfly exhibit at a local museum.

I've been working on a "Book of Treasures" for a swap, and it's really a lot of work! There have to be at least 20 treasures in the book, and I've really been trying to make it something my partner would like. I listed out all the things she likes so I'm trying to at least hit a few. I decided to use an old children's book as the base for the book, it's a gorgeous book with lots of beautiful paintings inside of it that goes through the seasons so it fits great. I've pretty much got all the pages done but I still need to figure out what to do to the cover to make it really special. More about this book to come...


  1. Yes you are good at putting collages together. These are magnificent!

    Kimminita for I Want More Blogger Followers' on swap bot, now following your blog.

  2. I almost joined that swap and now I am wishing I really did, great job!

    Kimmiekarma from swap-bot now following you for the 'I want more Blogger Followers' Swap.

  3. Your collages are great. I'll need to sign up for an ATC swap or two. I haven't in a while. I'm going to follow both your blogs because I like your stuff.
    Sarala (Skron11 on SB--from blog follower swap).

  4. Thanks for the link on ATC. I haven't had time to read it, but I will. Again, beautiful collection.

    badk1ty from swapbot

  5. I'm so interested in trying to make and ATC. These are wonderful!

    I'm queenelisheba from swap-bot now following you for the 'I want more Blogger Followers' Swap.

  6. I just don't have the eye to put collages together, yours are really beautiful :)