Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Foray Into Steampunk

I've been wanting to foray into steampunk ATC's (and jewelry sometime!), so tonight with some inspiration from a forum tag on swap-bot I tried my hand at one. I used a little of that caging I had from the other day, and one of the clocks is a tape transfer.

[Tape Transfer: Take a newspaper image or something you've printed and stick the image onto a piece of clear packing tape. Rub it with something hard (like the handle of scissors) to make the image really take onto the sticky side of the tape. Cut around the image and then run it under water. Rub away the paper and you'll have a transfer. Easy way to make transfers!]

I was going to put a real clock face on top of the caging but it fell and I couldn't find it anywhere! Oh well. I also thought of adding a little charm of a key but went with the big key instead. I hope the person I tagged really likes it!


  1. Hello! I found you through swap bot and I really like your crafts, especially this steampunk atc, your partner will love it I'm sure :)


  2. Nice blog, nice art. I'm following on this blog as well, Pamela. I like your zentangle work. I'm playing with this now as well. Such fun.
    Coleen Franks from Swap-bot

  3. Thanks Coleen! Zentangles are a lot of fun, and stress-reducing.