Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Sweet Smell of Rubber Cement

I'm very proud of my new creation, a metal cage ATC. I brought home bits of caging material from my parent's house tonight and I managed to cut one piece in the right size for an ATC. I had some other metal pieces that I used, such as a little dragonfly someone sent me on swap-bot, as well as the curled wire another person sent me which I absolutely loved but hadn't found a use for yet. It's actually see-through, it's only white behind it due to the scanner. I think it's great and I want to make more!

I started a new swap on about Frugal Living tips. Check it out here - My Frugal Life #1. I'm a huge fan of the Tightwad Gazette, I own all of the books. Such great ideas for saving money and recycling / reusing / reducing.

I also have applied to make a little swapping group on - I already have a poetry group, but I think a lot of the ATC makers at least would love a place to swap items. It might be great fun, or it might be a bomb. We'll see.


  1. Really nice ATC ! I am new to swap-bot and thought ATC were only made of carton. How wrong was I !
    Lulubiz from swap-bot

  2. Thank you! You can make an atc out of anything you can find, though most are made with a paper backing. I've seen made from fabric, metal, plastic, and wood.