Saturday, April 17, 2010

My First Dotee Dolls

My mother and I took the evening to create these little dotee dolls, because I was so interested in making them. I really and truly can't sew. I constantly screw up things when I she did the major sewing of the bodies. I did sew some of the faces, stuff them and sew up the ends and sew the ribbons and tails on. Probably why it took us all evening to get these 4 done! I seriously have trouble sewing on a button!

But I think they are cute, and it was interesting to see them take on personalities as I worked on them. I made Granny Petal first, and I really didn't put too much thought into it as it was my first one and I was kinda just experimenting. She looks a little too frou-frou granny craft to me, if that even means anything.

The second one I made, I put more of my own personality in and I like it a lot better. We called her WindDancer, because she's for the Mother Earth swap I started on, and she has three things that dance in the wind on her: leaves, a feather and a butterfly.

I just love little Carrot Top. His theme is more buttons than anything but he works for an Earth dotee too, perhaps a more autumn themed one with the colors and little leaf on his tail.

And the last one was a lot of fun to make. Me and my mom tried to put a corset on her, it's actually stitched in pink thread kinda like a corset would be in the back. She seems more of a country diva to me, because she's made from old jeans, so I named her Dixie Diva. All she needs is a rebel flag to wave.

Hope lots of people sign up for my Dotee Dolls for Beginners Swap!


  1. They are cute !!! I am rather new to swap-bot and I think you've find your match in sewing... I am a shame to my mother !! lol She tried, oh she tried to teach me sewing... a desperate case I am. ;)
    I am not even sure I could do what you did. Beautiful and funny ! Keep on !
    Lulubiz, for the more blogger followers ( I was already following your 2 very interesting blogs)

  2. super really like it...Thanks so much for sharing!! Great job on what you and your mom created! :D

    Stacy from swap bot


  3. Hi there, Ky from Swap-Bot here now following you. :-) Cute Dotee dolls! I have purposefully not made any because I do not need another hobby!! :-)

  4. I love the dolls! And I hate sewing buttons. Even more so than zippers. Ugghhh. They turned out great! Wish I had more time to join your dotee doll swap. badk1ty from swap-bot

  5. Hi,

    Nicc79 from Swapbot now following you blog for the I Want More Blogger Followers.

    Great dotee dolls :)


  6. Its 128Julie from swap-bot! I am following you now and can't wait to see more!! your blog is so cute!